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Castle season posters from from “Flowers for your grave” to "Driven"


at least they are still facing each other

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imnotacoptodayhoney asked:

I'm genuinely curious to know why you think the early seasons of Castle are overrated? Season 3 is actually my least favorite season as well, but I really enjoy the levity of the first two seasons, and I personally think that season 2 has some of the funniest episodes of the series. I am in no way trying to discredit your opinions, I'm simply curious






Nah I never mind genuine questions and discussion (as opposed to simply disagreeing with me or telling me I’m wrong, which leaves us with precisely nowhere to go…).

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the levity and the teasing of the earlier seasons. I just often see posts about how those were better, and the quality of the writing and characterisation has gone downhill or become worse in the later season (usually referring to 5/6). I think that’s a load of hogwash, personally. No doubt the change in C/B’s relationship has meant in some ways the writing and their dialogue has had to change and mature, but I actually think it’s for the better. I definitely appreciate C/B as individuals and as a couple now more than I did before. And while there have definitely been occasional mis-steps and plotholes, they used to exist in those early seasons too.

So I think when people discuss the various seasons, they hold the later ones to a higher standard, and view the earliers ones through rose-tinted glasses and a sense of nostalgia, meaning that they often overrate the quality of those eps and underrate (IMO) the ones we’ve gotten in recent years. Personally I think what the writing staff, actors etc were trying to do in the earlier seasons (establish the UST, the family dynamics etc) is generally easier to do than what they’ve done in the later seasons (transitioned to a believable relationship, grown the characters tremendously). How often do we see shows perpetually mired in the formulaic stereotypes of those first few seasons (flirty banter and UST in general) never pull the trigger and move to the second stage. I give a lot less credit for doing something that’s already been done before, over and over, and a lot more for going into territory that TV shows rarely venture into, and doing it well.

Season 3 is definitely at the bottom though, at least we agree on that.

Pretty much this. I’ve enjoyed every season, but I think they grow with depth and characterization each year. It starts off as something very light, very straightforward. But it becomes complex, the characters show more flaws. They don’t do everything we might wish them to do the way that we wish them to do it - based on individual preferences of course – but they have growth in the process.

I think some people prefer the earlier material because it’s easier to take in. It’s fun and less complicated. But some of us, like myself really prefer the complexity, the shades of color and layering.

Definitely agree with most of this. The early seasons of Castle are great because they establish everyone. They provide the foundation from which everyone evolves. But I wouldn’t want to see more of the same after 6 years. Comparatively speaking, the UST is easy, the chase is easy. Watching a person want what they can’t have, watching two people deny themselves what they want, easy. That’s all been done before. I could watch 47 other shows on TV right now with that same plot point - doctor shows, lawyer shows, cop shows, sci-fi shows, (faux) reality shows, spy shows. It’s pretty much formulaic and lazy by now, which is boring.

Honestly, I think as viewers we’ve been conditioned to believe that the guy getting the girl or the girl getting the guy is where the story ends. Or that the thrill is suddenly gone once there’s no more “longing to be together,” but that’s because there’s never really been anyone brave enough to take on the challenge of doing what Castle’s done and doing it well, and doing it with the seriousness of an actual relationship and actual love story (without the theatrics of cheating, divorces, reunions and blah blah blah.). And I say that because I used to think that way, too, but *Castle* is actually what changed my mind.

Not exactly an opposite opinion here, since I agree with the main premise.  I love the complexity of the later seasons.  I think the Castle writers have done a magnificent job of creating a very organic, healthy, fun relationship between Beckett and Castle, and it’s one I look forward to seeing on my screen each week.  But just to put in a plug for the earlier seasons (by which I personally mean 1 and 2.  I have some issues with certain aspects of 3)…when I rewatch those episodes now, I find I appreciate them all the more because of the later seasons.  

I think it’s easy to write a story where the romantic hook up between the two main characters is the end game.  (And I mean comparatively easy, of course.  I am not a writer and couldn’t come anywhere close to even the worst crap on television).  Because then, whenever, you’re losing steam, bam! get the characters together and the story is complete.  Voila!  But when the end game is something more than just a “they lived happily ever after”—like it’s always been for Castle— then that complicates the writing.  Because you have to walk that fine line of not only creating UST but also giving us and the characters a reason to continue investing in that relationship.  

Part of the fun of the earlier seasons is listening to Beckett and Castle make a statement and then thinking, “Oh girl/boy!  If you only knew what your future held, you’d be eating those words.”  The gif makers of this fandom have done an excellent job of showing us those very situations!

So yes, while I agree that the later seasons are the better seasons, I wouldn’t go so far as to say the earlier ones are overrated.  The relationship between Castle and Beckett is so rich because of what they went through as friends and partners.  Season 5 was only as funny/successful (and I mean in a storytelling not financial sense) it was because Season 2 helped to get us to that place.

Would I still be watching Castle if they were writing Season 2-esque storylines going into Season 7? Well, okay, yeah, probably, I watch all sorts of crap.  But is Season 7 going to be so much richer because of the very fact that they’re not in that place? Ab-so-lutely! 

I actually think we’re on the same page- like I said in my initial answer, when I called them “overrated”, I didn’t mean to say that they were bad, or that they weren’t enjoyable. I was just pushing back against the mindset that exists in a slice of the Castle fandom that thinks the show has gone downhill since those days and the writing/banter has tanked- I saw a few posts and tags on my dash that espoused those views. And if people think that, fine, that’s their subjective opinion and I’m not out excoriate them for it.

That said, I do think the show is doing as well if not better since those seasons. Much like you, I enjoy going back and watching them in light of knowing when Castle and Beckett’s journey is headed, and that knowledge does make many of those scenes richer. But I can’t really agree with any opinion or analysis that overall thinks those seasons were emphatically better than the ones that have come in the last couple of years. They’re still good, just overrated (by some people). Something can be both good and overrated the same time, of course.

That’s what I was talking about when I said they were overrated. And I stand by that statement (my personal order of favourite seasons goes 6, 5, 4, 2, 1 and 3, for what it is worth).











What’s Your Book Shelfie Style?

This post turns me on.


Topic and size.

Colour pleased me but it’s usually topic and then within topic, size. 

topic, then alphabetical, with a side of stacked. i do not have enough bookshelves.

Topic, then size, then stacked.

At school — color. At home — alphabetical.


Topic, order in the series (if applicable), alphabetical or height/size

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